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Homeland & National Security Law Review Symposium: Drone Concerns?

Brittany Lindsay: COVID-19 Hero of Tampa Bay

Adjunct Law Professors: Blessing or Curse?

Why Writing Well is Essential to Your Legal Career

WMU-Cooly Grad Olu Ben-Shidah: Stay Focused and Fight for your Clients

Guide to Good Writing; Get Specific!

Vaccines. Masks. Mandates and the law. WMU-Cooley Experts Weigh in.

Asynchronous Teaching Methodologies: Pandemic Reflections and Best Practices

WMU-Cooley Graduate Jon Kohler: Leading Plantation Broker in USA

Maples & Jones: Cooley grads Achieving positive Outcomes For Clients

James Turgal - A Lifetime Calling to Protect America

Detroit's Revitalization Flows Through Work of Graduate Choi Portis

Nurisha A. Harvey, ESQ.: Following Family Footsteps to Advance Equal Justice

Cooley Law Student Seeks Chance to 'Create Change'

John Desmond: Lawyers Can Serve a Greater Role as Leaders & Educators

Erika Weiss: Embracing Heritage Leads To Native American Law Practice

Samuel Onyegam: Doing What He Loves To Do and Making an Impact

Using Microsoft Word’s Readability Program: advice for lawyers

An Introduction to Compensatory Contempt, the "Other" Contempt of Court

Admissions’ Secrets to Conquering Your LSAT Prep

WMU-Cooley Professor Renalia Dubose Speaks on Florida HS decision to pause yearbook distribution

Chelsea Rebeck: Success Means Anticipating and Pivoting with Change

How to State Issues in a Case Brief or Exam Bluebook

Chase Your Dream of Being a Lawyer: Christopher Bogard

Up to the Challenge: Cooley Grad Succeeds Against Series of Overwhelming Odds

What Goes On At Those "Free-Lunch" Seminars?

Shemia Washington: Shining and Breaking Barriers

Maximize Your Article's Impact

Calling All Scribes

Rick Conklin: Lady Justice Was Calling

Law School Changes May "Virtually" be the Future of Legal Education

Historian James Kratsas: These are the best (and worst) of times

Maya Smith: Making an Impact

Attorney and athlete Charles Ford – a man of many talents and gifts

It's All About IRAC

Distinguished Alumni Awards Focus on exemplary service in the profession

Law School's Equal Access to Justice Mission Lives on in Artwork by Retired Dean of Admissions

Legal Experts Explain the Legal Ramifications of Sedition

A Tale of Two Toms: How WMU-Cooley Law School Acquired Two Bronze Likenesses of its Namesake

Lawyers Publish or Perish. Is Legal Writing An Essential Skill?

Origin of Michigan State Bar Foundation’s Fellows Program

Booyah! Michigan has committed to go UBE!

Achieving Dream after Endurance and Sacrifice for Country

WMU-Cooley Spotlight: Jaevonn Harris

Tammy Allison: Only you can know what is or isn't possible

A Love Letter to the WMU-Cooley Law School Steven Johnson Field Class

WMU-Cooley Faculty Experts Shine a Spotlight in Election Coverage

WMU-Cooley Spotlight: Katrina Hofstetter

Judge Brennan's Ten Commandments For Law School

Joseline Hardrick: Diversity and inclusion essential in the workplace

Contract Law With A Florida Twist

Ask the Expert: gets answers from WMU-Cooley legal expert

Think Your House is Haunted? Don't Sell Until You Get Some Legal advice.

Justice Cardozo's Supreme Court Confirmation

WMU-Cooley Faculty Legal Experts Available To The Media

State's High Court Justices DO Indeed Make Law

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Death Means Far More Than Many Truly Understand

Day of Remembrance 2020

Call To Action: What Does Accountability Mean To You?

The Importance of the First Year of Law School

Bob Woodward and the Ethical Lens of America

The Importance of Definitions in Law School

The Great Cardozo Bar-Exam Canard

Ray Petty: My Duty is to Bring Justice to Areas of Injustice

Michigan Lawyer of the Year: WMU-Cooley Associate Dean Tracey Brame

Law school success means being a self learner and following a system

Does the President Have the Legal Right to Delay an Election?

Martin Peters: Support Your Dreams and Dreams of Others

Sean Egan: inspire people to action and compliance in the workplace

Christian Wise Smith: Significance Over Success

Constitutional law expert gives legal analysis on Presidential immunity

A Life of Service in the Law

WMU-Cooley criminal law professor spells out the case surrounding fired Minneapolis police officers

What is the Insurrection Law? Brig. Gen. Michael C.H. McDaniel explains

Online Legal Education: We’ve been doing it for a decade at WMU-Cooley

WMU-Cooley Faculty Experts Speak Out on Equal Access to Justice

Bar Exam Subjects: How Many Are Too Many?

The Three Lucys of Contract Lore, Part Three: Peevyhouse vs. Garland Coal

The Three Lucys of Contract Lore, Part Two: Wood vs. Lucy, Lady Duff-Gordon

The Three Lucys of Contract Lore, Part One: Lucy vs. Zehmer

How COVID-19 Has Put a Spotlight on Civil Rights and Implicit Bias Issues

Helping any way we can is the right thing to do.

Take A Look at Restitution

WMU-Cooley rising to the challenge of online learning in the wake covid-19

WMU-Cooley Homeland Security Expert Gen. Michael C.H. McDaniel Tapped By Media as Legal Expert During COVID-19 Pandemic

Nina Yakubov: To Teach A child To Achieve, You must show Achievement

Study Abroad simply "everything"

Shari Wilson:The Face of Change and Advocate for Hope

Joeie Skelly: Destined For Law School

Vampire Verbs and Zombie Nouns

Jalitza Serrano: Best Ways to Learn in Law School

Study Abroad Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

Daniel Cardwell: Drive Comes From Within

It's Tax Season! Take Advantage of Free Tax services

About Those Large Law School Diplomas

Writing Professors Create Online Lab For Students

The Bar Taking Process: What You Need to Know

The gray tsunami has arrived; don't leave money on the table

Zack Hugg: WMU-Cooley Connections Instrumental in Career Climb

Hard Road Proves To Be Best Path

Legal Career Readiness Starts Day One in Law School

WMU-Cooley Grad: Article Published in the Florida Defender

The Power of Plain English

WMU-Cooley librarian creates podcast that traces history of american law

UPDATE: The Uniform Bar Exam

Ret. Brig. General & Law School Dean Legal Expert on U.S. Iranian Tensions

Haley Monaghan: Appreciate and Reciprocate are Words to Live By

Ed Sternisha - Bridging the Divide and Putting Together All the Pieces

De-Andreth Isaacs-Hanson: Extraordinary Circumstances Lead to Legal Profession

Limited Scope Representation is a New Paradigm for Future Practice of Law

Moot Court Experience Offered Student a Boost

WMU-Cooley Experts Faculty Provide Legal Analysis for Impeachment Hearings

WMU-Cooley Law Professor Weighs in on NFL Players Accused of Falsifying Claims

Update: The Liberty Bell Award

Joseph Garrido: Civilian Path Leads Back to Helping Veterans as Attorney

Hala Alkattan: If you are really paying attention, you can't NOT care

Update: Corporate Annual Reports – Plain-Language Progress?

Ydelmis Cutino: Comfortable in the Fast Lane

Lauren Simasko High Court Dreams

Quadfecta: Federal Grant Awards Support WMU-Cooley's Innocence Project

#BrianBanks Movie Reminder of Two WMU-Cooley Connections

WMU-Cooley Law Professors Explain High Crimes and Misdemeanors

What does the 25th Amendment mean by "Acting Cabinet Officers"

The 2019 Law School Experience

WMU-Cooley Chasing Hope to Build Opioid Epidemic Awareness

Tips for How to Get Cheap Car Insurance

Amanda Burch: Sometimes You Have To Be Part of the Change to Make Change

Have You Checked Out These 8 Mobile Apps for Law Students?

Exonerees Say Freedom is in the Hands of Law Students as Future Lawyers

Michael Terner: Success is not where you start, but where you finish

Law Librarian: Because Superhero isn’t an official job title

Diversity programs near and dear to WMU-Cooley Professor Joseline Hardrick

Distractions and LSAT Test Prep

WMU-Cooley Grad Kate Barnaby: Everything You Do has a Ripple Effect

Note to legal writers: You CAN start sentences with But.

Ret. Brig. Gen. Michael C.H. McDaniel Offers Expertise on Mass Shootings

Legal Writing Experts Explain the Evolving "They"

The Liberty Bell Award Has Michigan Roots

Work Ethic a Key Characteristic of Successful Solos

Shequel Ross: Designing Legal Education Movement to Teach Legal Rights

David Malson Proud of Top 100 Firm's Diversity and Inclusiveness Efforts, and Work-Life Balance Programs

WMU-Cooley graduate Christina Corl: High Demand and High Honors

WMU-Cooley Grad Mustafa Ameen: Legal Career Helps Others on a Larger Scale

WMU-Cooley Grad Aaron Burrell Leader in Legal Diversity & Inclusiveness

Natural Enthusiasm Isn't So Natural; But a Characteristic of Successful Solos

Nicholas Romer: Diverse students mean enriched classroom experience

#1 Characteristic of Successful Solos is the Ability to Choose Fearlessness

Kimble Center for Legal Drafting Established at WMU-Cooley Law School

Erick Bradtke: Nobody Outworks WMU-Cooley Law Graduates

State Rep. Kara Hope: 5 Key Pieces of Advice for Success in Life

WMU-Cooley Grad Mustafa Ameen Uses Legal Career to Help on Larger Scale

New to WMU-Cooley? Here's what you need to know about the law school library

WMU-Cooley Grad Aaron Burrell Leader in Legal Diversity & Inclusiveness

Jonathan Paasch: Clients appreciate attorneys who are real-life, real-world

Trailblazing Women Chief Justices

Retiring from the Military or Law Enforcement Soon? Consider Law School

Memorial Day Words of Remembrance: Ret. Brig. Gen. Michael C.H. McDaniel

WMU-Cooley Student Shanda Vander Ark Educator for Advocacy and Justice

WMU-Cooley Grad Brandon Ayers Bringing Change in Legal Landscape

WMU-Cooley Moot Court Team Take Skillset and Competition by Storm

WMU-Cooley Graduate David Malson Proud of Firm's Diversity and Work-Life Balance Programs

Corral Those Stray Commas Says WMU-Cooley's Otto Stockmeyer

Nathan Tamulonis: Scholarship and Service Culture Converge at WMU-Cooley

Five Essentials: Learning Solo Practice at WMU-Cooley Law School

Kishnee Theus: Learning the Process of Law School at WMU-Cooley

WMU-Cooley Professor teaches law students the foundations of good writing

Alexis Morris: 19-year old excels in law school and discovers passion for teaching

WMU-Cooley Law School wants New Zealand to know, We Too "Mourn with You."

Law School After Military Service: A Student Success Story

The Library Minute, Ep. 10: Bootcamp for the MBE

Sheila Lake: Know who you are, how you learn, and what you need to succeed.

Tips For Making A Presentation

The Library Minute, Ep. 9: Sum and Substance

Three Most Common Mistakes Students Make in Law School

Erin Geschwendt: A Woman For All Seasons

The Library Minute, Ep. 8: Exam Prep Multiple Choice Resources

Richard Perez: Real life problems ignited spark to attend law school

What does the Constitution say is a national emergency? Con Law profs explain 'what is' and 'what isn't.'

The Library Minute, Ep. 7: The American Law Reports

Judge Fitzgerald's Final Precedent

Insights & Analysis on Presidential Emergency Power by Ret. Brig. Gen. Michael C.H. McDaniel

The Library Minute, Ep. 6: Encyclopedias

Passing the Bar Today Requires New Ways of Teaching and Exam Preparation

Mohamed Hammoud: Grit and Smarts

The Library Minute, Ep. 5: Sample Question Guides

St. Michael's Legal Center: Serve as counselors more than as lawyers

Brief Award Recipient Becomes Chief Justice

The Library Minute, Ep. 4: The Examples and Explanations Series

Law School Study Abroad: Five Reasons to Choose Oxford

Specifics Make It Real

The Library Minute, Ep. 3: The Nutshell Series

Helping hand - Bodman attorney relishes his pro bono opportunities

Good Samaritan: Attorney rescues trapped driver after freeway crash

First Stage: Law grad launches career as assistant prosecuting attorney

The Library Minute, Ep. 2: The Understanding Series

The Library Minute, Ep. 1: Why do casebooks have to be so intimidating?

Josh Bemis: Derailed Hockey Career Puts Legal Career on the Right Track

Will the Uniform Bar Exam Come to Michigan?

Shekinah Apedo: Social Worker Seeks Law Degree to Fulfill Purpose

WMU-Cooley Graduate to Work at State Appellate Court