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Zack Hugg: WMU-Cooley Connections Instrumental in Career Climb

Hard Road Proves To Be Best Path

Legal Career Readiness Starts Day One in Law School

WMU-Cooley Grad: Article Published in the Florida Defender

The Power of Plain English

WMU-Cooley librarian creates podcast that traces history of american law

UPDATE: The Uniform Bar Exam

Ret. Brig. General & Law School Dean Legal Expert on U.S. Iranian Tensions

Haley Monaghan: Appreciate and Reciprocate are Words to Live By

Ed Sternisha - Bridging the Divide and Putting Together All the Pieces

De-Andreth Isaacs-Hanson: Extraordinary Circumstances Lead to Legal Profession

Limited Scope Representation is a New Paradigm for Future Practice of Law

Moot Court Experience Offered Student a Boost

WMU-Cooley Experts Faculty Provide Legal Analysis for Impeachment Hearings

WMU-Cooley Law Professor Weighs in on NFL Players Accused of Falsifying Claims

Update: The Liberty Bell Award

Joseph Garrido: Civilian Path Leads Back to Helping Veterans as Attorney

Hala Alkattan: If you are really paying attention, you can't NOT care

Update: Corporate Annual Reports – Plain-Language Progress?

Ydelmis Cutino: Comfortable in the Fast Lane

Lauren Simasko High Court Dreams

Quadfecta: Federal Grant Awards Support WMU-Cooley's Innocence Project

#BrianBanks Movie Reminder of Two WMU-Cooley Connections; our own Innocence Project in Michigan and Professor Justin Brooks

WMU-Cooley Law Professors Explain High Crimes and Misdemeanors

What does the 25th Amendment mean by "Acting Cabinet Officers"

The 2019 Law School Experience

WMU-Cooley Chasing Hope to Build Opioid Epidemic Awareness

Tips for How to Get Cheap Car Insurance

Amanda Burch: Sometimes You Have To Be Part of the Change to Make Change

Have You Checked Out These 8 Mobile Apps for Law Students?

Exonerees Say Freedom is in the Hands of Law Students as Future Lawyers

Michael Terner: Success is not where you start, but where you finish

Law Librarian: Because Superhero isn’t an official job title

Diversity programs near and dear to WMU-Cooley Professor Joseline Hardrick

Distractions and LSAT Test Prep

WMU-Cooley Grad Kate Barnaby: Everything You Do has a Ripple Effect

Note to legal writers: You CAN start sentences with But.

Ret. Brig. Gen. Michael C.H. McDaniel Offers Expertise on Mass Shootings

Legal Writing Experts Explain the Evolving "They"

The Liberty Bell Award Has Michigan Roots

Work Ethic a Key Characteristic of Successful Solos

Shequel Ross: Designing Legal Education Movement to Teach Legal Rights

David Malson Proud of Top 100 Firm's Diversity and Inclusiveness Efforts, and Work-Life Balance Programs

WMU-Cooley graduate Christina Corl: High Demand and High Honors

WMU-Cooley Grad Mustafa Ameen: Legal Career Helps Others on a Larger Scale

WMU-Cooley Grad Aaron Burrell Leader in Legal Diversity & Inclusiveness

Natural Enthusiasm Isn't So Natural; But a Characteristic of Successful Solos

Nicholas Romer: Diverse students mean enriched classroom experience

#1 Characteristic of Successful Solos is the Ability to Choose Fearlessness

Kimble Center for Legal Drafting Established at WMU-Cooley Law School

Erick Bradtke: Nobody Outworks WMU-Cooley Law Graduates

State Rep. Kara Hope: 5 Key Pieces of Advice for Success in Life

WMU-Cooley Grad Mustafa Ameen Uses Legal Career to Help on Larger Scale

New to WMU-Cooley? Here's what you need to know about the law school library

WMU-Cooley Grad Aaron Burrell Leader in Legal Diversity & Inclusiveness

Jonathan Paasch: Clients appreciate attorneys who are real-life, real-world

Trailblazing Women Chief Justices

Retiring from the Military or Law Enforcement Soon? Consider Law School

Memorial Day Words of Remembrance: Ret. Brig. Gen. Michael C.H. McDaniel

WMU-Cooley Student Shanda Vander Ark Educator for Advocacy and Justice

WMU-Cooley Grad Brandon Ayers Bringing Change in Legal Landscape

WMU-Cooley Moot Court Team Take Skillset and Competition by Storm

WMU-Cooley Graduate David Malson Proud of Firm's Diversity and Work-Life Balance Programs

Corral Those Stray Commas Says WMU-Cooley's Otto Stockmeyer

Nathan Tamulonis: Scholarship and Service Culture Converge at WMU-Cooley

Five Essentials: Learning Solo Practice at WMU-Cooley Law School

Kishnee Theus: Learning the Process of Law School at WMU-Cooley

WMU-Cooley Professor teaches law students the foundations of good writing

Alexis Morris: 19-year old excels in law school and discovers passion for teaching

WMU-Cooley Law School wants New Zealand to know, We Too "Mourn with You."

Law School After Military Service: A Student Success Story

The Library Minute, Ep. 10: Bootcamp for the MBE

Sheila Lake: Know who you are, how you learn, and what you need to succeed.

Tips For Making A Presentation

The Library Minute, Ep. 9: Sum and Substance

Three Most Common Mistakes Students Make in Law School

Erin Geschwendt: A Woman For All Seasons

The Library Minute, Ep. 8: Exam Prep Multiple Choice Resources

Richard Perez: Real life problems ignited spark to attend law school

What does the Constitution say is a national emergency? Con Law profs explain 'what is' and 'what isn't.'

The Library Minute, Ep. 7: The American Law Reports

Judge Fitzgerald's Final Precedent

Insights & Analysis on Presidential Emergency Power by Ret. Brig. Gen. Michael C.H. McDaniel

The Library Minute, Ep. 6: Encyclopedias

Passing the Bar Today Requires New Ways of Teaching and Exam Preparation

Mohamed Hammoud: Grit and Smarts

The Library Minute, Ep. 5: Sample Question Guides

St. Michael's Legal Center: Serve as counselors more than as lawyers

Brief Award Recipient Becomes Chief Justice

The Library Minute, Ep. 4: The Examples and Explanations Series

Law School Study Abroad: Five Reasons to Choose Oxford

Specifics Make It Real

The Library Minute, Ep. 3: The Nutshell Series

Helping hand - Bodman attorney relishes his pro bono opportunities

Good Samaritan: Attorney rescues trapped driver after freeway crash

First Stage: Law grad launches career as assistant prosecuting attorney

The Library Minute, Ep. 2: The Understanding Series

The Library Minute, Ep. 1: Why do casebooks have to be so intimidating?

Josh Bemis: Derailed Hockey Career Puts Legal Career on the Right Track

Will the Uniform Bar Exam Come to Michigan?

Shekinah Apedo: Social Worker Seeks Law Degree to Fulfill Purpose

WMU-Cooley Graduate to Work at State Appellate Court

WMU-Cooley’s Down Under and Toronto Law School Study Abroad Programs Celebrate 20 years

5 Things I Learned as a First-Year Law Student

Remembering Our Founder

WMU-Cooley Law School BLSA Collects Needed Items For Deborah House

Stacey Dinser Honored with Frederick J. Griffith III Adjunct Faculty Award

Everything You Need to Know About Attending a Law School Open House

Colin Hunter: Outdoorsman to Judge

5 Causes You Would Feel Good About Giving To This Season

WMU-Cooley Law School Graduates Kendra and John Smith: Mr. and Mrs. Atticus Finch

Barbra Bachmeier: Coming to the Attention of Others

Beloved Storytellers (Part Three): The Appeal of Storytelling

Beloved Storytellers (Part Two): Cardozo's Opinion Style

Beloved Storytellers (Part One): Denning the Master Storyteller

Kevin Thomas Wins Over New York To Become First Indian-American Senator

The Adventure of the One-Dollar Diamond

Trailblazing Tlaib Elected to Historic Role

Ana Luna: Life experience is her ROCK to success

Why Writing Well is Essential to Your Legal Career

Bryan MacCormack: Midwest Legal Education Makes For East Coast Success

Alumni Networking: How to Connect with WMU-Cooley Grads All Over the World

Tax Law & Estate Planning: Music to Liz Ochoa's Ears

Secrets to Conquering the LSAT

Preparing the Right Way For the LSAT and the Bar

Rosie Tejada: Crossing bridge necessary to find new discovery

Ogenna Iweajunwa: Nothing Short of Remarkable

Hassan Abdallah: Career Dedicated to the Sacrifices of his Parents

How to Pay for Law School

WMU-Cooley Oxford Program Hosts Wrongfully Convicted at Krinock Lecture

Masterful Advice from Master Lawyers

Contracts quintessential first-year course: Law school professor makes his case

WMU-Cooley Law Professors Give Advice to First Term Students

Big Fry. Big Fish. And Big First Steps Critical to Law School Success.

Selling a Haunted House? WMU-Cooley Legal Experts Give Advice on Scary Business

Name Those Judges!

5 Things To Know About Our Kalamazoo Location

Kwame Rowe – Understanding You Need to Work Hard Makes the Task Easy

Taking the High Road: One Couple, Two Advocates

Ret. Brig. Gen. Michael C.H. McDaniel: Day of Remembrance 9/11 Salute

Want to Make A Difference? Law Students Are Doing That at WMU-Cooley

Corporate Annual Reports - Plain Language's Last Frontier?

Sept. 14, 2001 on the Cooley Law School Steps: Remarks by Then President and Founder Thomas E. Brennan

Military Law Student Victoria McCormick: You can do anything; it all comes down to what you want

Grand Rapids Law Firm Adds WMU-Cooley Grad as Associate

Force. Fear. Coercion. How human trafficking victims fall prey and how to stop modern day slavery.

WMU-Cooley graduate Josh Mikrut: Huge, Gaping Hole and Need for Immigration Attorneys

WMU-Cooley Graduate Andrew Hudson: Path from Teacher to Lawyer Inspired Choice

Virginia Cairns: Graduates understand exactly what is meant by Cooley's rigorous curriculum and standards

The Importance of Definitions

The Real Truth About Law School

WMU-Cooley graduate Brandon Moultrie: Forging lasting memories and lifelong friendships

Does the Revocation of Former CIA Chief's Security Clearance Raise Any Constitutional Issues?

Five Ways Going to Law School is Like Running the New York City Marathon

Jan E. Strand: Cooley opened a whole new world and gave us this amazing opportunity

Kelly L. Morris: Path to law school far from straight, but exactly right for me

Living a Dream that Began in Childhood: Dewnya Bakri-Bazzi

WMU-Cooley Grad Helping Surgeons Treat Patients Better

Rafael Diaz Combines His Love for the Criminal Justice System and the Law

Jason Guari: A Life Built on Gratitude and Giving

What does being a Cooley grad mean to me? In a word, Everything!

Law School’s Police Militarization and Legal Consequences Conversation to Continue in Round Two

Amber Cervantez – Raising the Bar for Hispanic Attorneys

Passion, Core Values and Principles Set the Standard for Senior VP of Player Relations at PGA Tour

Bioethics conference sparks collaboration and important conversations

Law Student Couple Win in Love and Regional Client Counseling Competition

From Seattle to Singapore and Back Again

Fitness Unleashed gives shelter dogs something to bark about

Lifelong learner: Attorney is a former Oakland County Deputy Sheriff

Law student Bailey Vos: Accelerated Program a perfect fit for someone with a “can-do” attitude

Tanya Gibbs: Business and Law Background Connects WMU-Cooley Graduate to Her Tribe’s Culture and Heritage

The Flint Water Crisis: Creating Continuity in Chaos

Confusion: Bad for Contracts, Good for Students?

Everyone is a Kid on Cooley for Kids Day!

WMU-Cooley Professor Jeffrey Swartz: Assuring Accurate Legal Expert Commentary for ABC Action News

How can you manage dying and death? Knowing your rights helps.

Surprising allies think cameras at late night establishments may happen

Not a Fan of the Courtroom? 7 Alternative Ways to Use a J.D. Degree

Change of Pace: WMU-Cooley Alum Moves from Police Officer to Attorney

Top Five Reasons to Celebrate Five Years of Affiliation

WMU-Cooley Honored by the Center for Plain Language

J.D. Concentrations and Why They’re Important in Law School

Five Reasons to Choose WMU-Cooley Law School

Professor Beery: With Justice Kennedy’s Retirement Enter a New Era of Jurisprudence

WMU-Cooley Grads Making Policy and Things Happen in the State of Michigan

LeDura Watkins; One Year Later – Living Life Simply

High Performance In These Two Classes is Best Predictors of Bar Success

Mark S. Michael: Grades and Success Based on Competence; Nothing Else.

Mable Martin-Scott: This is what justice and the world looks like

Lindsey Messenger: A little help, and leap of faith, pave law school success

Professor Martha Moore: Trailblazer, Mentor, Friend

Chanelle Manus: Playing the Field in the NFL and Sports Law

How to Eat an Elephant and Become an Attorney

Professor Nuckolls: Making Giving a Part of Living

Super by name and by nature

What is Gerrymandering Anyway? Con Law Expert Professor Brendan Beery Breaks Things Down on this and other SCOTUS decisions.

John Scott Ends an Epic Teaching Career

Shelika Tate: Non-traditional Coming In; Unconventional Powerhouse Going Out

Joy Fossel: In Law and in Life; Be Proud, Be Open, Be Engaged, and Be Honorable

Associate Dean Takes Teaching Outside the Box

Eric Field: Law School is a Reflection of Law Practice

Welcome Back Professor Cruz-Garcia!

Sarah Miller: Learned More Than Just the Law; Taught the Definition of Hard Work and Sound Character

Danielle Lofton: Award Winner and Torch Bearer for Family Law

Help Wanted (and Needed!)

Melanie White: Bring Hope to Light and Justice to Those Needing Protection

Samantha Pepprock: It was eye-opening how much more I knew

WMU-Cooley Law School Mission Motivated Mexican-American attorney: Legal education not only for the privileged

Arturo Alfaro: Path from Spanish Language Interpreter to Legal Advocate

Sarah E. Shirley: Don't Blend In, Stand Out

On Lawyers, the Law, Truth and Perceptions

Dinah Lynch: Flexible J.D. Schedule Options Made WMU-Cooley a Perfect Choice

Uninformed Critics Will Not Deter Us From Our Mission, says James D. Robb

Rosemarie Aquilina: A Voice for All

Legal Risk Management for Lawyers: Learn How to Protect Yourself

Judge Janice Cunningham – A Catalyst for Change

A Hunt for Treasure Becomes a Treasured Hunt

Even Odds: High Court Might Let States Decide on Sports Betting

Helen Khouli: In order to reach the highest, nothing can turn you low

Lanita Carter: Still Guided by the Lessons in her Mother's Voice

Leadership Achievement Award Winner is Looking Forward to Making an Impact

The Blue Jeans Brunch – The Torch is Passed and Burning Bright

In Defense of Justice Morse in the Case of a Barren Cow

Ready for Law School? What’s Your Plan?

Q&A with Mariko Willis: Military and Law School at the Center of Her Heart

Learning the Law Takes Both Innovation and Action

Australian Democracy Comes to Life for "Down Under" Program Students

Gadiel Espinoza: Don't give up - no matter what life throws at you.

WMU-Cooley Students Learn about the Law, New Cultures in Foreign Study Programs

Another Perspective on Dr. McGee and the Case of the Hairy Hand

WMU-Cooley Law Student Ashley Hart Born to Fight For the Underdog 

WMU-Cooley Tampa Bay Student Receives Ms. JD “Inspiration” Award

Constitutional Protections For Gun Rights and Free Speech: WMU-Cooley Law Professor Brendan Beery Explains.

Relationships Matter - in Career and Life

When Freedom of Speech Becomes a Wrong Rather Than a Right? 

Red Carpet Gala BLSA Event More Than Just "Night at the Oscars"

WMU-Cooley hosts conference on opioid crisis: Speakers share perspective on addiction

On Taking the Road Less Traveled

WMU-Cooley Student in Praise of a Taste of Soul and Legacy of South High School

In-between the Facebook Moments: Learning to Appreciate the Rain in Paradise

On the Road to Democracy Albania Initiates Judicial Reform

Beyond the Basics: Learning How to Practice Law in WMU-Cooley’s Innocence Project 

Yes, Students Do Have First Amendment Rights.

Commander Michael Shea Runs a Tight Ship at St. Michael’s Legal Center

WMU-Cooley "Down Under" Law Students Learn From Maori Elders

Senior Airman Ray Petty: A Lesson in the Power of Resilience

The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Law Students

Law School Success Tips Have Proven Validity

New Zealand Study Abroad learns new languages: Hokey-Pokey, Hokey-Tokey, or Hokey-Cokey? 

Another Perspective on Judge Rosemarie Aquilina

A Lesson in International Relations Strikes Close to Heart and Home

Is Revenge a Legitimate Goal of Sentencing?

Building a Better FBI Agent

The Opioid Epidemic: Finding Solutions to a Public Health Emergency

Embracing Civility and Equality: One WMU-Cooley Professor’s Quest

PricewaterhouseCoopers Puts WMU-Cooley Grads to Good Work

One Man’s Mantra: Work Hard, Study Hard, Give Back

Erika Kirkwood — From Law Enforcement to the Law

Thank You Peter D. Jason 1941-2017

Joe Kimble’s wonderful life: music, art, literature, and the law

Barrister of the Year Teaches in Down Under Program

My Encounter with Canned Briefs

Tampa Bay Graduate Earns Summa Cum Laude Distinction

Alumni Networking Events More Than Just Mixing & Mingling

Fill the Room with Your Intelligence

Tampa Student Proves It: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way!

A Discussion on Immigration Policies and its Effects on Children

WMU-Cooley Security Guard an Institution and a Treasure

Professor Burt Burleson Honored on Veterans Day with Adjunct Faculty Award

Emily Horvath: Advocate for the Unconventional

WMU-Cooley Law School: It’s all about the real world

New state bureau overseeing Michigan medical marihuana program

Mother of Five Stops to Smell the Lilacs in Toronto

Kyona McGhee chosen for leadership event at Harvard Law

Location. Location. Location. Charles Hickman Makes Himself at Home in Toronto and Oxford

Zaneta Adams: Disabled Iraqi War veteran gives back to veterans in law career

WMU-Cooley Faculty Analyze Recent Use of Deadly Force by Police

Recognizing Key Role of Adjunct Professors to Law Students Learning

How Pro Bono Adds to the Bottom Line

WMU-Cooley law professor faces off on fixing healthcare

Living in Tampa: Fall bucket list for students

Ken Wyniemko — Never Giving Up, Never Giving In

The importance of the first year of law school

WMU-Cooley Faculty Homeland Security Expert and Ret. Brig. Gen. Michael McDaniel Speaks on Las Vegas and How to Protect and Prevent Tragedy

High School Students Learn How Law Libraries Are Far More Than a Place to Do Research

Brien Brockway: Military Background Great Training for Law School Success

WMU-Cooley’s Great Campus Locations: Auburn Hills

WMU-Cooley’s Great Campus Locations: Grand Rapids

WMU-Cooley’s Great Campus Locations: Lansing

'Woman in the Law' Emily Horvath focuses on academic services

The State Bar-Cooley Connection

WMU-Cooley’s Great Campus Locations: Tampa Bay

Jeffrey Swartz: Military Students Have Superior Sense of Structure, Discipline, and Commitment

Valerie Smith: Law School Teaches Law and Life Lessons

Creative Storytelling Skills Asset to Law Students

Hate Speech Tests Nation's Commitment To First Amendment Principles

U.S. Law. German Law. How different can they be? Turns out a lot.

When in Bath, Do as the Romans Do.

Micki Meier: Fast Track Timetable Meets WMU-Cooley's Flexible J.D. Schedule Options

Living in Tampa, Florida: Unique study spots for students

Rebecca Pugliesi: Education and Experience Propels Career

Ryan McCleary: Intellectual Property Law Career Expands Horizons with LL.M. Degree

WMU-Cooley Military Feature: Derek Grisard Values WMU-Cooley Camaraderie and Community

Hardam Tripathi: Diversity, culture and a passion to help others

Weekend law student Stephanie Samuels: Never too late to start a new life

WMU-Cooley graduation speaker: Others don’t have to fail in order for you to succeed

How a Small Firm, in a Small Town, is Making a Big Impact

Dropping in on WMU-Cooley’s Foreign Study Down Under – Literally!

Advocating for animals is a passion and commitment for WMU-Cooley law student Alicia Prygoski.

Debra Steele: You are only as strong as you believe yourself to be.

Innocence Project’s Efforts Free Detroit Man After 42 Years of Wrongful Imprisonment

Veterans Court: A blessing to troubled treatment court graduate

Teen Court program gives troubled young people a second chance

Attorney Steps on the Gas in his Mustang and the Legal Arena

6 Things You're Overlooking in Your Law School Search

Golf Outing is a win, win, win for team of WMU-Cooley graduates

Meet the Devolders: Florida couple make law school work for them – and succeed.

Maryam Saleh: Exceptional Work Is Impossible Unless We Are Good People Too

Preparation. Preparation. Preparation: An interview with Hon. Christopher C. Sabella

Presidential Executive Orders - Can He Do That??

Devolder Law Firm: New Grads Find Success Right Out of the Gate

WMU-Cooley Couple Brandon Moultrie and Liesl Griffin Talk Love in Law School and Beyond

Little Girls in Africa Project Inspires Judge and Law Student to Sew Dresses

Weekend Student Jason Puscas: At the end of the day, law school is an investment

Weekend Law Student Reese Kewin: Single Mom of Six Pursues Dream of Law School at 46

Larry Nolan: It is through your faith and your faith tests that you grow

BLSA’s Black Tie Ball Celebration Comes With Rich History and Symbolism


Presidential Executive Orders – Can He Do That?

WMU-Cooley Graduation Keynote Larry Nolan: The Wonderful Beauty of the Law is Change

Selling a Haunted House? Legal Experts Give Advice on Scary Business

Maryam Saleh: Exceptional Work Is Impossible Unless We Are Good People Too

6 Things You're Overlooking in Your Law School Search

Loss of Child to Addiction Moves Law Professor to Battle for Change

Law student represents truth seldom told about legal employment today

Graduation Speaker Believes in Miracles and Divine Perfection of the Universe

Victor Flores: Leadership Academy Ambassador for the Joys of a Legal Career

3 Tips to Consider If You Attend Law School

Exoneree Donya Davis rejoicing: Gets to spend his first Mother’s Day with his mom after 7 years in prison

Hired straight out of law school at 20 years old with my dream job

Human Trafficking and the Darker Side of Major Sports Events

Good Luck in the Playoffs WMU-Cooley Graduate and Tampa Bay Lightning Head Coach Jon Cooper – Hoist the Cup High!

Jim Thelen: Comforted by Kindness after Boston Marathon Bombings

Outpouring of Sacrifice and Humanity in Boston Transcends Marathon Tragedy

My Boston

Five Things Future Attorneys Can Learn from Kiwis