Admissions’ Secrets to Conquering Your LSAT Prep

The LSAT is the definitive test used in the law school admissions process. As such, your score will have a significant impact on your acceptance and scholarship eligibility.

WMU-Cooley Law School is passionate about equal access to a modern legal education and providing resources to help students succeed. This begins by helping prospective law students understand how to prepare for the LSAT.

Here are a few words of advice from our seasoned Admissions Team.

How to Prepare for the LSAT

Be disciplined in your studying. Planning and committing to big blocks of study time 5-6 days a week is more than reasonable. Identify the type of test preparation and learning techniques that work best for you and use this to your advantage.

Focus on improving the skills you identified as weaker areas during your practice test(s). That means building and adjusting your study protocols as you go forward.

  • Are you struggling with logic exercises? Spend extra time on different logic games until your approach becomes second nature.
  • Not a great communicator? Practice articulating your thoughts on paper so you can better master the written portion.

Read things that will improve your critical thinking, enhance your vocabulary, and improve your ability to synthesize information, such as:

  • Textbooks required when taking courses in critical thinking, philosophy, history, or English.
  • Investigative news articles by reputable news sources.
  • Literature that further explores topics that promote your ability to establish causation and logic.

Practice for the next LSAT test by learning what you can from past LSAT tests:

  • If you have taken the LSAT in the past and are thinking about retaking, assess why you did not receive your goal test score.
  • Purchase a book of past LSAT tests or sign up for an online practice test – then critically examine your results to establish a baseline for your study plan going forward.

Though different law schools place varying levels of importance on LSAT scores, your results will almost certainly play a primary role in your eligibility for scholarships and acceptance. We urge you to prioritize it accordingly.

If you plan on attending law school, don't be afraid to start preparing early for the LSAT. Get our LSAT prep guide to help chart your course to success.

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