Chase Your Dream of Being a Lawyer: Christopher Bogard

I remember when I decided I wanted to be an attorney. My father had just enrolled in law school, and he came home and set his law school books on the kitchen table. I was young, and my father was starting law school “late.” He was retired from the military and owned his own construction company. It was a family business and we all worked together.

But I remember the day I opened his books and became enthralled with the language in the textbooks. I remember reading his torts book and his criminal law book. Everything in it was foreign to me. Some things I had heard about, event at my young age, but most things I hadn’t. Discovering all of this new information sparked a passion in me that I had yet to discover. But I remember thinking that I was going to go to law school and make a difference in someone’s life.

I continued in school and finally made my way to college with my dream of becoming a lawyer still as big as ever. Once I graduated from college, I buckled down and prepared to take the LSAT. I already knew what law school I wanted to go to and that was WMU-Cooley Law School. This is the school that my father had gone to, and it was the school that my brother was enrolled in as well. I took the LSAT, sent in my application, jumped through a million law school hoops and finally got my acceptance. I excelled in law school and graduated in just about 2.5 years.

I finished my last class in December of 2018, walked in graduation in January of 2019, took the bar exam in February of 2019 and passed on the first try. I was sworn in as an attorney in May of 2019. I was extremely proud of what I had accomplished up until this point and I was proud of where I went to law school. I would say I had a little bit of chip on my shoulder about my law school, and I was proud to prove everyone wrong about their preconceived opinions. 

I joined my father’s practice as soon as I was sworn in. I hit the ground running and started practicing criminal defense. By the end of 2019 I had my hands in probate cases, estate planning, personal injury and family law cases. In early 2020 my father, brother, and I opened up our Firm, Bogard Law, LLC in Riverview, Michigan. I have continued to grow my practice and build our brand.

After practicing law for two years, I was appointed to be a Magistrate by the Hon. Elisabeth Mullins of the 28th District Court. I continue to work hard and dedicated myself to my clients and also work to balance the scales of justice as a magistrate. I continue to fight for those who don’t have a voice, or for those who do not know how to make their voice heard. 

I wanted to share my story because I often hear how law school is difficult, or it's impossible to balance your life as an attorney, or about how becoming an attorney is an impossible task. I wanted to encourage those new students, old students, or yet to be law school students that if they have a dream to be an attorney and they want it, they should chase it, believe in it, do it. Being an attorney is a rewarding career and can open the door to many different avenues that a person probably hasn’t thought of before. I remember reading stories like this as a student and it really made me believe in my dream and I hope I can do that for someone else. 

Respectfully, WMU-Cooley graduate Christopher Bogard (2019)
Bogard Law
Riverview, Michigan

Christopher Bogard

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