WMU-Cooley Grad Aaron Burrell Leader in Legal Diversity & Inclusiveness

In the last decade, Aaron V. Burrell, a business lawyer with the Detroit office of Dickinson Wright and WMU-Cooley graduate, has become acutely aware of dynamic shifts in the way law is practiced. Burrell, who serves as co-chair of the firm’s diversity and litigation-training committees, and has a busy practice in complex commercial litigation, appellate law, and labor and employment law, is in a prime position to note changes in the legal arena.

"Gone are the days when law firms could overlook the growing diversity in society," said Burrell. "In fact, as a partner at Dickinson Wright I see that most of our clients now mandate diversity. The law is changing, and it’s changing at a rapid pace. Our clients do not want a law firm that hasn’t fully embraced the population that our clients serve."


To Burrell, these changes are positive for those who are poised for the future of change.

"When I look at law schools that, quite frankly, are behind the times; those that have been slow to embrace diversity, they will ultimately find themselves irrelevant and obsolete,” he said.

"WMU-Cooley Law School has been a leader in minority enrollment and a forerunner for diversity for generations," declared Burrell. "The law school has been a trailblazer in women's enrollment for decades. WMU-Cooley is already in this space, and doing a great job as a leader in diversity, and it is well-positioned to thrive in this culture of inclusiveness."

Burrell is proud of how the legal profession is leading the way; where lawyers are starting to lead society in a better way. That reflection in the mirror started with law schools like WMU-Cooley, according to Burrell.

"Inclusiveness is vital in our justice system. As a result, we are obligated to make sure the legal profession represents and embodies the people to whom we are accountable."

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