WMU-Cooley Grads Making Policy and Things Happen in the State of Michigan

If you want to be a part of any kind of movement, you have to be at the table when policy change is being discussed and when decisions are being made. Not surprisingly, over the past 40-plus years, we have seen our share of WMU-Cooley graduates take on leadership roles, at every level.

Most recently we noticed that over a third (17 of 47) of the newly elected State Bar of Michigan's Representative Assembly (the final policy-making body of the State Bar of Michigan) hail from Western Michigan University Cooley Law School. Even if you're not a numbers nerd, that stat is pretty impressive. 

For historical reference, the Representative Assembly was formed in 1972 to help increase the number of members who actively participate in making policy for the State Bar of Michigan. Since there was a large percentage increase in the number of members at that time, the State Bar wanted to encourage more people to participate in policy making.

Currently there are a total of 150 members of the Representative Assembly. Forty seven members ran unopposed in the last election. Seventeen of the 47 members were graduates of Western Michigan University Cooley Law School.

The following WMU-Cooley graduates were elected this past year:

  • Aaron Burrell (Woodward Class, 2010) – 3rd Circuit
  • Mark M. Koroi ( Witherell Class, 1990) – 3rd Circuit
  • Marco M. Bisbikis (Todd Class, 2014) – 6th Circuit
  • Patrick D. Crandell (Adams Class, 2008) – 6th Circuit
  • David J. Eagles (Todd Class, 2014) – 6th Circuit
  • Dawn M. King (Iredell Class, 2001) – 6th Circuit
  • Victoria B. King (Witherell Class, 2010) – 6th Circuit
  • Chelsea M. Rebeck (Ellsworth Class, 2012) – 6th Circuit
  • Randy L. Price (Adams Class, 2008) – 10th Circuit
  • Joshua Z. Kosmerick (Evans Class, 2016) – 17th Circuit
  • Ronald L. Foster (Durand Class, 1992) – 20th Circuit
  • Darling A. Garcia (Swainson Class, 2003) – 30th Circuit
  • James L. Jordan (Weadock Class, 1999) – 37th Circuit
  • Kelley James-Jura (Marshall Class, 2013) – 43rd Circuit
  • Ian R. Rothe (Taft Class, 2013) – 47th Circuit
  • Erin M. Carrier Barnhart (Brickley Class, 2007) – 49th Circuit
  • Gregory H. Bringard (Williams Class, 1994) – 54th Circuit

If that isn't enough, two of the three attorneys who won uncontested elections to represent Wayne and Macomb Counties on the Young Lawyers Section Executive Council are WMU-Cooley graduates. Coleman Potts (Marshall Class, 2013) and Aaron P. Sohaski (Taft Class, 2016) will represent District 1 for two year terms. The Young Lawyers Section is one of the largest sections of the State Bar of Michigan, and provides educational opportunities to its members and offers public service programs. Click below to check out the numbers of WMU-Cooley graduates in leadership positions.

More Graduates Holding Public Office