Everyone is a Kid on Cooley for Kids Day!

It was another great day at the ballpark! Hundred of kids shared in the festivities, including pre-ceremony activities where the Parks & Rec kids and WMU-Cooley law students share the field with the players and a relaxing and fun afternoon to take in a Lansing Lugnuts ball game. What was unclear was who was having more fun – the kids or the law students!

Everything about the event is about the kids. But the fun begins before the actual day. Kids spend the weeks before Cooley for Kids Day getting ready for the day, including writing and submitting their essays for the chance to be selected to a nine-person "Dream Team." 

Winning team members, nine kids and nine law students, get to run together from the dugout to their designated ball player on the field before game start. A child and a law student also get to throw out a first pitch as part of the pre-game celebration. Check out all the fun photos on WMU-Cooley's Facebook gallery!

After the Dream Team runs off the field, all kids get to spend the afternoon taking in a Lansing Lugnuts baseball game, which includes lunch and a gift and memento of the day. Law students get to join other faculty, alumni, and staff in the Owner’s Suite to enjoy the game and lunch, and a well-deserved break from their studies.

Every year, we look forward to Cooley for Kids Day. It’s always an amazing, fun time, and we know we can count on a beautiful day with great weather. After all, in 18 years we are batting a thousand! 

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