Alumni Networking: How to Connect with WMU-Cooley Grads All Over the World

When you graduate from law school, you may have your eyes on only one prize, the bar examination. But it would do every new grad and every veteran alum well to take advantage of their alma mater’s alumni services, not just for a while, but for their entire career. Here’s why.

Having gone to the same law school, alumni association and local alumni group members share a common bond because they shared a common ethos in school. WMU-Cooley graduates recognize that commonality in their commitment to the tenets of “ethics and professionalism” that are at the foundation of WMU-Cooley. But it goes deeper than that, and is a carryover from the hands-on help they received from their professors. WMU-Cooley grads can thank their professors by reaching out to students and other alumni who they can help. It’s a snowball effect, but one under perfect control. It keeps rolling, picking up more and more students to receive help, and in turn, give help.

Something for every alum

If you’re preparing to graduate soon, joining the alumni association should be at the top of your to-do list. Imagine having more than 20,000 experienced WMU-Cooley graduates, all over the world, practicing in every possible specialty, whose help, expertise and inspiration are as close as an email or a networking event away. They have been where you are and stand ready to give valuable advice.

If you sailed straight through the bar examination with no worries, your eyes are peeled on your future in legal practice. You are polished, you passed, and you are ready to take on the world at a great new job. There’s no better pool of potential employers than WMU-Cooley graduates with firms of their own. They are available to guide and mentor, but also to provide references and give you job tips. And most important are the networking opportunities with other WMU-Cooley alumni nearby. Whether you’re in Canton Michigan, Orlando Florida or Washington, D.C. you can join or form an alumni group of like-minded professionals with so much to share. You also have the chance to expand your universe of qualified lawyers for referral.

For the seasoned lawyer who has built a reputation of excellence, belonging to the WMU-Cooley Alumni Association provides the opportunity to give back by mentoring or hiring WMU-Cooley graduates, but it’s also a great way to continue your education. Ongoing events can help you get you out of the office and into the mainstream of up-and-coming lawyers expanding into new areas of law that perhaps didn’t exist 20 or 30 years ago. If you want to make a real mark and “be part of something bigger,” alumni members can join the Alumni Outreach Committee, which works to ensure connections are made and needed support and mentoring is provided. Remember, continually broadening one’s horizons is a great way to remain at the top of your game!

Amazing alumni benefits and resources

In addition to the many advantages of networking with and mentoring other graduates, the WMU-Cooley Alumni Association offers a very extensive list of benefits that make joining a real value, including:

  • Discounts
  • Alumni ID card
  • Free wireless on any WMU-Cooley campus
  • Free WMU-Cooley e-mail account
  • Searchable alumni database (20,000+ members and growing!)
  • Disability, long-term care, and planning services
  • Group discounts on your auto, home, and renter’s insurance
  • Credit union membership
  • Subscription to Benchmark magazine

5998WMU-Cooley Alumni Association members also can easily order new diplomas and transcripts, find a new position, make bookstore purchases and update their directory information online. You can find and stay in touch with classmates, professors and friends no matter where they are in the world.

The Alumni Association is also the giver of awards and scholarships, including the Alumni Memorial Scholarship Award, the Distinguished Alumni Service Award, and the Distinguished Student Award.

Tell the world

Another exceptional way to participate is to share your #FromWhereIStand story. The blog feature is an op-ed forum where alumni, students, faculty and staff share their positive WMU-Cooley experiences, tell how it shaped their lives and careers, and express their gratitude and love for their law school.

Cooley Law Alums

Join the alum run Facebook group

Another easy way to connect with WMU-Cooley graduates is to join the "Cooley Law Alums" Facebook group. You'll have to request to join, as this is a closed group for WMU-Cooley grads only, but admins of the page are quick to respond to requests. The group has more than 3,700 active users and is continuing to grow every week.

All told, sharing through the WMU-Cooley Alumni Association is one of the smartest and most fun things you can do for yourself and your career. We know you are eager to share your expertise and learn from your peers. Joining the WMU-Cooley Alumni Association is a great way to do that. Learn more about joining on the alumni webpage. We look forward to meeting you!

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