Mark S. Michael: Grades and Success Based on Competence; Nothing Else.

Having graduated WMU-Cooley 41 years ago I was given the opportunity to engage in a successful Securities, Oil and Gas, and Business practice, as well as partner in two successful businesses. Admission was easy compared to other law schools, but staying in was a challenge. A somewhat different standard than most law schools where admission is difficult but staying in was almost guaranteed. WMU-Cooley was better suited to prepare one for the real world practice of law, as well as other endeavors. You receive the same privilege to practice as one graduating from any other school.

Every graduate has achieved much on their path to success. Here are some of the things I have done on my career journey:

  1. Argued and won a landmark case in the Michigan Supreme Court
  2. Been one of 25 participating lawyers in the second largest probate estate case in the State of Texas at that time
  3. Represented numerous clients for Securities violations and lost only one to incarceration
  4. Recovered millions of dollars for over 600 investors
  5. Served as an expert witness in Federal Court
  6. Participated in preparing public offerings
  7. Represented the businesses of high profile clients in the state of Texas
  8. Prepared over 200 business plans
  9. Started two successful businesses, which enabled me to retire sooner than anticipated
  10. Made sure that I contributed my fair share of pro bono work

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