5 Causes You Would Feel Good About Giving To This Season

Giving comes from the heart and is a very personal decision. You support causes that have meaning to you and make a real difference in the world. Let us tell you about five programs at WMU-Cooley that we are very proud of and that we ask you to support. 

  1. HELPING OUR ELDERS: Since 1978, WMU-Cooley’s Sixty Plus, Inc., Elderlaw Clinic has provided free, hands-on, personal service to seniors in need of legal help. Not only has Sixty Plus served our community's elders, law students have gained priceless legal experience - all while giving our elder clients peace of mind at a vulnerable stage in their life. 
  2. FREEING THE INNOCENT: Perhaps the best known of all WMU-Cooley’s public services is the WMU-Cooley Innocence Project. Since its beginning in 2001, four people have been exonerated thanks to the steadfast dedication of WMU-Cooley faculty and students. The Project provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students to make all the difference in the world. 

  3. HONORING OUR MILITARY: We honor our Military Students - those serving, those who are veterans, and their dependents - through the law school's Armed Services ScholarshipOnce a year, a deserving military student is awarded this scholarship. Throughout the year, we thank and honor our military for their protection, service and love of country.  

  4. HELPING STUDENTS POST-GRADUATION: We are dedicated to our students beyond their time at the law school. You can make all the difference to those students in financial need by giving to the WMU-Cooley's Bar Passage Courses Fund. Your dollars help pay for expensive bar passage courses for students where this is a financial burden.  

  5. REMEMBERING OUR FOUNDER: Honor the memory of our late founder, the Hon. Thomas E. Brennan, by donating to the Brennan Library Fund. The Brennan Library symbolizes the vast knowledge and learning all law students gain in law school and throughout their legal career. 

No matter how much you are able to give back this season, your gift will be invaluable to our students as they navigate through their law school journey to becoming successful, ethical attorneys. 

CLICK HERE to donate to one of these five causes, or any of our many other outstanding programs. Please make sure to designate the name of your cause in the "Add Special Instructions" section of the donation form. 

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